Transferring technologies to Russia. Export of the Russian technologies

If you are a stakeholder and want to sell technology to Russian companies or purchase licenses for Russian technology, then welcome to discuss technology transfer.

Technology transfer is one way of commercializing intellectual property rights. On the one hand, Russian companies are willing to import technologies which allow the production of new products for Russian market; on the other hand, some Russian companies possess their own unique technologies and would like to export these technologies to the international market.

My mission is to help industrial companies to transfer technologies to Russian market and export Russian technologies to foreign markets.
As a licensing agent, I provide services for selling or purchasing of licenses and know-how of various industrial technologies under agreements concluded with licensors.

If you are the owner of a technology and ready to offer it to Russian companies or you are interested in purchasing of licensing rights for Russian technology in a certain industry, please contact me via e-mail indicated at the bottom of the site.