Import from Russia

Many foreign companies are eager to buy products from Russia, but it may turn out to be quite difficult to search and select an exporter, if the staff of the importing company have no good command of Russian.

Russian exporters prefer to ship goods after advance payment. This is not always acceptable for importers. Therefore, it is important to find Russian exporters with a good record and sufficient experience of export from Russia. Due to our geographical position, we have possibility to negotiate with Russian exporters and producers of various products, taking into consideration local conditions of routine of business.

If you intend to import products from Russia, we will be glad to render services of a professional consultant in the sphere of foreign trade and to provide you with direct contacts with Russian exporters and producers of various products.

In case of receiving a direct request from a foreign importer who has sufficient financial resource and who knows for sure what exactly he intends to buy, we will gladly take up any request for export from Russia for various goods.

Please attach the following information to your order for import from Russia:

  1. Trade name of the importer, including legal address, telephone number, fax, www, e-mail, name and position of contact person who signed up the request.
  2. Specifications.
  3. Quantity.
  4. Basis of delivery in accordance with INCOTERMS-2010.
  5. Terms of payment.
  6. Target price… if it possible.