Up-to-date seminar for exporters and importers

B2B marketplaces

What will listeners get at this seminar?

Seminar attendees will receive information on international e-commerce websites for the practical application of their functionality in foreign trade.

A large amount of traffic makes these websites attractive. A great number of sellers and buyers regularly place their offers and orders on these marketplaces. Free plans allow you to post advertisement for sale and purchase of goods, as well as to contact sellers and buyers. Pricing plans offer additional business opportunities.

Who will benefit from the seminar?

B2B marketplaces

The seminar will be fruitful for producers, exporters and importers who intend to develop foreign trade with other countries and regions.

What is the value of this seminar?

The Top 70+ most visited websites out of thousands English-language B2B marketplaces represented in the international Internet segment were selected.
For each trading platform there will be shown:

• Registration process and publication of free advertisements for sale and purchase of goods;
• Monthly traffic;
• The Top 5 countries, accumulating the main traffic to the site which is important in determining the target audience and product markets;
• Traffic sources;
• Bonus: Advertising networks which are used by trading platforms to publicize their services.

After attending the seminar

B2B marketplaces
you will know how to

• Register your company on a trading platform independently and free of charge;
• Search for foreign producers, suppliers (exporters) and buyers (importers);
• Place free advertisements for the sale of your products or orders for the purchase of goods;
• Use another free and chargeable functionality of international trading platforms to achieve your goals.

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