Marketing research: B2B marketplaces for posting buying & selling leads

Author: Igor Alekseev. Published: 2018. Pages: 164. File format: pdf.

This marketing research was created for Small and Medium sized Enterprises. In there I collected some dozens of general and specialized B2B marketplaces, which I used throughout a couple of years. Every B2B marketplace is idividual and has her own traffic and geographical audience. The marketing research contains information about 80 B2B marketplaces. Each B2B marketplace have traffic from several thousand to millions of monthly visitors. Every trading website has her own charts, that include statistics about the monthly traffic for the past six months, the traffic by countries (TOP-5) and the traffic sources.

Beside the global trading sites the informational product presents specialized areas, that contain information about companies that work certain markets. These B2B marketplaces include the following industrial branches: food, textiles, metall products, IT industry, medicine and pharmaceutics, chemical industry, trading sites for wholesales, natural products, mechanical engineering, stationery, wood.

The value of the B2B marketplaces concludes from the possibility to put up offerings for their products for free, publish requests for quotation as well as use big databases of companies, that are registered on these sites, to find new business partners in other countries.

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