Business webinars, workshop sessions and training seminars created by marketing expert. The objective of such events is an explanation of the information sources, advertising, PR, as well as the other tools that can be beneficial to business development. Primarily, there will be considered free or low-cost marketing tools which any company can use to enter the international market, the market of a particular region or country.

The list of training activities is presented below:

* B2B marketplaces

Up-to-date seminar for exporters and importers. Seminar attendees will receive information on international B2B marketplaces for the practical application of their functionality in foreign trade.

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* Business with Germany

Germany is one of the ten largest countries in export-import of goods and services. The seminar "Business with Germany" was created for corporations that want to cooperate with German companies. The seminar covers various marketing tools for dealing with German markets. This is the attitude of the marketer regarding what steps can be taken to establish contacts with German companies, what free or low-cost information, advertising and other resources can be used to find partners, advertise your goods and services in German market.

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