You are visiting the website of Igor Alekseev. My spheres of interest are the following:

Business seminars and webinars

Conducting webinars and seminars for companies. The main topics of these events are related to information sources which can assist companies in effective business matching in a certain country; carry out PR-actions without attracting large amounts of funds; advertise their products in affiliate networks that are used by local companies and also apply any other available internet marketing tools to succeed.

I do not provide sales training... I describe Internet resources you can use to achieve your goals in each specific case. Most of these resources are free or do not require significant financial costs.


Industrial Technologies Market

Technology transfer or import-export technology is a part of this market. I am interested in contacts with stakeholders who would like to export their industrial technologies and know-how to Russian market. I also target foreign buyers who want to conclude licensing agreements for obtaining Russian technologies or latest developments.


Marketing researches

As an author, I specialize in marketing researches containing sources of information that focus on various subjects. I create those marketing researches for business and personal requirements, so that you can use this information for your needs without troubling yourself with the tiresome search for the necessary data on the Internet.